Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Top Ten Words/Topics that make you NOT pick up a book

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week has a specific topic to which bloggers make a list of their top ten books(or something like that) in that category.

This week's topic is... Top Ten Words/Topics that make you NOT pick up a book

1)Love Triangles - If they're mentioned in the synopsis, and that is the key problem to the book, I will likely not read it. There are way too many. Some good. Some absolutely horrible. It's done too much and I and simply sick of them. A book based on a love triangle? No... Just no.

2)Zombies - I guess this is a fad now? In Hollywood anyhow. And I guess there aren't THAT many books on zombies. But I find them absolutely disgusting. I mean, okay. Undead. Gross already. Not to mention they eat brains? Yeah, no.

3)A bunch of predictable questions in the synopsis - What will happen when main character does this? Will she overcome her problem? Will everything turn out okay? These just annoy me. There's nothing like a badly written synopsis to turn you away from a book. Yes, I know in most cases the synopsis isn't actually written by the author him or herself, but I find it similar to eating something disgusting before a meal and losing your appetite. Unpleasant.

4)The meaning of life or other deep stuff - If it's a book that makes me think, I'm already slightly reluctant. I've never been a big fan of books that can actually occur in real life(thus my obsession with fantasy) and something deep about why we live kind of makes me want to avoid that book at all costs.

5)High school clique drama - Deep is one thing, but superficial is even worse. Like I said, I already don't really like books that could occur in real life. Sarah Dessen is one of the few I read that isn't fantasy. But I hate it when a book is about some gang of girls wreaking havoc on another's life. Or some stupid problem like boyfriends(not to say boyfriends are stupid by I dislike books where that's all the book is about) or gossip. I just... I don't like them.

6)Horror - I'm a wimp. I admit it. I have no clue how I used to like horror when I was little. Now I can't stop thinking about it if I've read it. Nothing against horror authors. But since I'm a wimp, if it's well-written and good, I'll probably hate it.

7)(not sure if this counts)Something that sounds interesting but the next book doesn't come out for the next thousand years or something - Not really a topic in a book, but I refuse to read the first book  of a series unless at least the second book is released. Preferable the whole series. I HATE waiting(doesn't everyone?) and I avoid it at all costs. (I hate those books I think are standalone and then finding out that there's a continuation that hasn't been released yet)

Could only think up 7(6 if you don't count 7). Maybe I'm brain-dead or something today, but really, if anything magical happens in it, I'll be tempted. So long as it's a well-written synopsis. No magic/fantasy/historical stuff/dystopia, there's rare interest for me. So just cross everything that doesn't fit into those categories out.


  1. I like your number 7! I stopped reading some comic books because they were just too slow to keep coming out and it was driving me crazy!!

  2. I completely understand you on #7! I've been waiting for quite a while (years) for some books, granted they are 1000+ pages, but still, yes. Long waits are hard. I agree with you on the rest as well. Good list!

  3. I completely agree with #7. I hate waiting for books to be released - especially when they take years to be written (looking at you, George R.R. Martin). If the series is really good or ends on a cliffhanger, I just want to be able to read the next book straight away!

  4. Good list, Zombies and love triangles made my list as well.